The element of fire

At Stûv, we believe in the fascinating power of fire, which has us spending hours watching logs burn. Let yourself become inspired by our universe. Discover how our stoves and fireplaces can fit perfectly into your personal décor, and learn more about the fine art of fire control and how to care for a Stûv unit.

Stûv lifestyle


Wood stoves and fireplaces tend to become the focal point of a room, and even of a home. And they bring people together. In the cold winter months and on chilly evenings, it is often around the fire that people gather to create lasting memories. It is therefore important that this appliance fit into the decor, while also suiting the lifestyle and meeting the needs of the home’s occupants.

Stûv lifestyle

To see only fire

Belgian in design, these appliances offer performance and efficiency in addition to a wide range of installation possibilities.

Stûv lifestyle


So much to offer in such a small package!

Stûv lifestyle

Fire, essential element since the dawn of time

Why all this fascination with fire? When so many heating options are now available, why is it still important for many of us to integrate a "place of fire" right within our homes?

Stûv lifestyle

Return to your roots with wood heating

Today, fire creates a sense of security the same way it used to when mankind used it for protection thousands and thousands of years ago.