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Return to your roots with wood heating

Today, fire creates a sense of security the same way it used to when mankind used it for protection thousands and thousands of years ago.

Return to your roots with wood heating
Return to your roots with wood heating

Why is wood heating still so popular today? There are several reasons for this trend. First, recent technological innovations have made wood-burning units more efficient. Also, the range of products available on the market is broader. Based on personal preferences and needs, you can now choose between a classic-style fireplace or a contemporary-looking wood stove. But is this the only explanation for this craze?

When it comes to wood heating, the first thing to talk about is fire. Ever since it was discovered, fire has always fascinated man in a mysterious, even hypnotic way. Burning wood now goes beyond the mere need for keeping warm. It refers to a distinctive way of life.

Today, in our modern society where technology and digitization reign supreme and often transform our home into a cold place, we are sometimes reduced to downloading and installing wallpapers with chimney fire animations on computers and TV sets. This trend addresses a deep-rooted need that society seems no longer able to satisfy. But “e-fire” is an artificial response that only hints at the lifestyle associated with wood-burning.

Today, fire creates a sense of security the same way it used to when mankind used it for protection thousands and thousands of years ago. Making a fire with your own hands brings a feeling of success, accomplishment, but also freedom. It can be associated with a ritual where each step is essential: cutting the wood, stacking it carefully so that it dries properly, preparing the logs for the fire, fanning the embers and feeding the fire… Everyone feels a sense of pride when they have created a “beautiful” fire; connecting to a deep-rooted feeling of strength and independence. All you need is a good fire to keep warm and feel safe.

Heating with wood is also that fire which is lit after a fall hike or a ski day, that living light around which you gather with friends to spend a pleasant moment, or the undulating flames that set the scene for a romantic evening… And what about the traditions and memories that the wood fire revives? The Christmas fire so comforting, the inviting smell of fire announcing a cozy home in the midst of winter, or the summer holiday campfires by the lake, always so joyful!

Much more than a feeling of security, fire brings you comfort and real peace of mind. In front of a fireplace, life slows down; time loses its grip. You reconnect with nature and feel good. You feel at home. It is touching the essential, returning to the roots.

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