The Stûv 30:
3-in-1 design!

The revolutionary Stûv 30 has three rotating doors – glass-door, open-door or closed-door to suit your mood

The Stûv 30

The first stove in the Stûv 30 series to offer three modes of operation, it provides exceptional efficiency, perfect for large areas.

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The Stûv 30-compact

Created specially for today’s houses, its smaller combustion chamber maintains a comfortable temperature for a smaller and very well insulated area.

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The Stûv 30-compact H

The Stûv 30-compact H can be fitted with an accumulator unit which stores part of the heat produced by the combustion of wood. This accumulated energy will continue to dissipate for several hours after the fire has died out to prolong the sensation of heat and well-being.

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The Stûv 16 cube & H

See nothing but the flames!

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