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Contemporary vision, innovations and heating for tomorrow

Contemporary vision, innovations and heating for tomorrow

Since it was created in 1983, Stûv * has focused its efforts on developing a contemporary approach to the fireplace. The simplicity and clean lines of Stûv’s first fireplaces were the signature of the company’s pure and minimalist approach, a philosophy that still prevails today.

Stûv has always paid particular attention to the functional aspects of its fireplaces and has made many innovations that have set standards in the stove and fireplace industry.

Today, more than ever, Stûv is looking for innovative solutions that integrate renewable energy into the heating systems of tomorrow.

This is the Stûv state of mind.

* Stûv is a Walloon word meaning "stove"
which is close to the word “étuve” in French
“stoof” in Flemish
“stove” in English
“Stövchen” in German
“stufa” in Italian
“estufa” in Spanish and Portuguese…


To combine the pleasure of a fire, timeless design and efficient heating, from Belgium to America!

In 1983, two men, Gérard Pitance and Benoît Lafontaine, decided to join forces in order to develop and produce a distinctive wood stove – the Stûv 60 – designed by Gérard Pitance. In the beginning, the company simply designed the products. Their capital was creativity and motivation!

Gradually, the company began specializing in wood heating, which allowed Stûv to grow exponentially. New fireplace designs were created and partnerships forged, allowing the company to extend its range of skills and become a benchmark in the sector. Without a lab, sophisticated measuring equipment, or even a computer, the designers developed the Stûv 60 through observation and common sense.

Today, Stûv has over 120 employees who manufacture 15,000 stoves and fireplaces per year for an international market with a network of 500 distributors.

Since then, Stûv America has been importing, distributing and also adapting Stûv stoves and fireplaces for the Canadian and U.S. market.

Since then, Stûv America has been importing, distributing and also adapting some Stûv stoves and fireplaces for the Canadian and U.S. market.

Vincent Boudreau from STÛV America at work

Setting foot in North America’s market

In 2006, Vincent Boudreau, who was intrigued by the beautiful stoves and fireplaces he had seen in a European architecture magazine, travelled to Bois-de-Villers, in Belgium to visit Stûv’s facilities. It was love at first sight! He saw a business opportunity in the ingenious streamlined stoves and fireplaces that had not yet reached the North American market. But beyond a remarkable line of products, Vincent Boudreau discovered a human-oriented company that cared about designing safe products that understand, respect and value the special bond humans have with fire.

That’s when the adventure begins in America with the certification and distribution of fireplaces. In 2013, Stûv decided to strengthen the brand presence by creating its own subsidiary in America. Significant efforts are being made to broaden the range - 23 certified stoves and fireplaces are available in September 2014. The development of a structured distribution network all over America is an ambitious project we all work on.

And this is only the beginning. Stûv will expand its offering with new fireplaces coming soon.