• The Stûv 30-in
  • The Stûv 30-in
  • The Stûv 30-in

The Stûv 30-in


Impressive combustion and high efficiency make the Stûv 30-in an ideal wood heating solution, whether it is used as a primary heating system, for back-up heating or simply for enjoyment.

Three rotating doors to suit your mood

The glass door allows you to enjoy the mesmerizing flames; with a simple movement, the door opens onto the crackling fire giving off its generous warmth. The solid door elegantly hides a slow-burning or extinguished fire.

STÛV Rotation

1. Glass-door mode

Enjoy watching the flames safely and with excellent efficiency.

2. Closed-door mode

The solid door allows the wood to burn slowly (optimum efficiency) for a long time.

3. Open-door mode

Hear the crackling logs, enjoy the pleasant smell of burning wood or even have a barbecue!

Easy to install

Simply provide the space. The hot air outlet is integrated and the fireplace connects easily to the chimney. The metal frame will add the finishing touch to your work.

Over 85% efficient

The Stûv 30-in recovers almost all the heat from the exhaust gas, which improves efficiency. Also, the high temperature in the combustion chamber burns harmful particles and reduces polluting emissions.


Front Panels

The front panels hide the installation and do not require finishing work. Moreover, the fireplace does not need to be completely fitted into the wall, which reduces the total depth required for the installation.

Hab30in1A Hab30in2A Hab30in3A / 3D
1200 x 2300 x 100 mm 1585 x 2300 x 100 mm 1392,5 x 2300 x 100 mm
47¼" x 90½" x 4" 62½" x 90½" x 4" 55" x 90½" x 4"

Ready-to-install elements


Cladding transforms the fireplace into a focal point and gives the fire greater presence: this is the purpose of these ready-to-install elements which allow an installation that requires no finishing work.

Easy to install

The cladding can be installed in a few hours and removed as quickly as it was installed, in case you move.

Integrated convection system and wood rack

The space between the wall and the front of the cladding is ideal for storing wood.

Cladding models for the Stûv 30-in

1200 x 2300 x 450 mm 1585 x 2300 x 450 mm 1392,5 x 2300 x 450 mm 1220 x 2300 x 864 mm
47¼" x 90½" x 17¾" 62½" x 90½" x 17¾" 55" x 90½" x 17¾" 48" x 90½" x 34"

Available in several shades

Here is a series of subtle and contemporary shades that harmonize with the colour of the fire. These colours give off a different feel as the ambient light changes throughout the day.

Rust finish

The rust finish

This look is obtained through a natural oxidation process in an outdoor environment. The process is stopped once a nice rusted look has been obtained. This means every piece is unique!

The Accessories

Stûv accessories are designed to make your fireplace easier to use.

  • Barbecue Kit

    Enjoy your favourite grilled food over a wood fire all year long. Healthy, fast, clean cooking, without the smell!

  • Damper

    A damper will prevent undesirable airflow, when an outdoor air intake is installed

  • Mobile log rack

    Practical and mobile, this log rack is the ideal solution for storing your wood. Its ease of handling makes moving it effortless. It is the perfect complement to any type of fireplace.

  • Hygrometer

    Stûv fireplaces are designed to only burn wood with a level of humidity under 20%. We recommend this small but indispensible accessory to measure the level of humidity, so you can enjoy your fireplace to the full.


The Stûv 30-in Installation Manual
Weight of the unit 125 kg | 275 Lb
Maximum power 41 000 BTU
Wood consumption 1,6 - 3,1 kg/h
Length of logs in vertical position 50 cm | 20"
Length of logs in horizontal position 33 cm | 13"
Non-airtight outdoor air intake Ø100 mm | Ø4"
Patent 1130323
Fire screen Standard
Modes of operation 3
Barbecue kit Option
North american standards ULC-S610-M93 | NOT EPA
Chimney diameter & type Ø7" ULC-S629