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The element of fire

At Stûv, we believe in the fascinating power of fire, which has us spending hours watching logs burn. Let yourself become inspired by our universe. Discover how our stoves and fireplaces can fit perfectly into your personal décor, and learn more about the fine art of fire control and how to care for a Stûv unit.

Are BTUs really useful?

How do manufacturers determine the BTUs of a wood-burning device?


The balance between durability and comfort

Scandinavian Retreat

A Soothing Scandinavian Retreat in the Heart of Toronto

Cabin 151

CABIN 151 is a cottage on Lac Libby in the town of Saint-Étienne-de-Bolton, in the Eastern Townships.


Woodburning fans love the comforting feeling that their fireplace or stove provides. In the spirit of the season, we’ve unearthed for you some great gift ideas made right here in Quebec. You'll even find inspiration for those who don't have a wood-burning unit, but love the atmosphere it gives off!

How to Restore an Old Masonry Hearth to Its Former Glory

Rest assured, there are several ways to add style to an old masonry hearth while making it more energy-efficient.


A new by-law regulating the use of wood-burning heating appliances (R.V.Q. 2954) will come into effect in the Québec City area in September of 2026.

Résidence B+L

Located in Morin-Heights in the Laurentians, a large piece of land with a slightly mountainous topography was chosen by a young couple to build their family home.

Stûv lifestyle


Wood stoves and fireplaces tend to become the focal point of a room, and even of a home. And they bring people together. In the cold winter months and on chilly evenings, it is often around the fire that people gather to create lasting memories. It is therefore important that this appliance fit into the decor, while also suiting the lifestyle and meeting the needs of the home’s occupants.

Forest house I

Forest House I, attempts to distill the essence of place by inviting the landscape in to inhabit every nook and cranny of the home. It is the first in a series of similarly themed homes presently being developed by the team at Natalie Dionne Architecture.

To see only fire

Belgian in design, these appliances offer performance and efficiency in addition to a wide range of installation possibilities.

Case studies

Oak Residence

2017 winner, Les mérites d'architecture de la ville de Québec award, “Residence/New Build, Low Density” category


So much to offer in such a small package!

Les Grandes Horizontales

Built on a steep slope and unobtrusive on the street side, the house is completely open to the river, unfolding toward the horizon.

Tips and techniques


You’ve decided to buy a wood-burning stove or fireplace and since starting your search, you constantly see the mention “EPA-certified.” This standard is being talked about everywhere, especially in Montréal, but what exactly is an EPA-certified appliance? Read on for a simple explanation.

2015 Backstage Event

A day filled with information and new releases followed by a memorable evening.

Stûv at New-York

Architectural Digest Home Design Show

Stûv America and the PUR-Z house

STÛV AMERICA, a proud partner in this project!

An Award for Stûv America!

On April 27, at the Omni Hotel in Montréal, Stûv America took part in the 8th Grand Bal des Étoiles d’Or organized by the Cercle Esteler.

Fire, essential element since the dawn of time

Why all this fascination with fire? When so many heating options are now available, why is it still important for many of us to integrate a "place of fire" right within our homes?

The Barn

An interior space that has been redesigned and integrated into its environment

CEDRUS Residence

The chalet takes place on the edge of a cedar wood with majestic mature incline trunk trees

“Chalet du Bois” Flotté Residence

The development takes shape here, like a piece of driftwood, carried by time and currents, offering a haven of relaxation, humble and discreet, set against the opulent beauty of the landscape.

Mountain House

Amalgam Studio’s stunning light-filled new house for a single family is a modern take on the local, historic barns of the Hudson River Valley.

ABC’s of buying a stove or fireplace

Why not start at the beginning?

Two Hulls House

This project is situated in a glaciated, coastal landscape, with a cool maritime climate.

Why are wood stoves and fireplaces popular in 2022?

Today, fire creates a sense of security the same way it used to when mankind used it for protection thousands and thousands of years ago.


Hearth & Home Magazine

Hollyfarm House

The fireplace is clad in local

Clean the glass

5 easy and environmentally friendly steps to clean the glass of your wood burning appliance.

Stûv Realisations

Stûv Realisations

We are proud to contribute to the realization of original projects by manufacturing high quality and efficient stoves and fireplaces whose minimalist design fits perfectly with these inspiring decors.

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