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ABC’s of buying a stove or fireplace

Why not start at the beginning?

ABC’s of buying a stove or fireplace
ABC’s of buying a stove or fireplace

That’s it! You’ve decided! You want to replace the outdated fireplace in the living room, or the tired stove in the basement, or infuse style to your old masonry fireplace… Piece of cake you might think? Maybe not so simple if you are looking for something that looks good and meets your needs and performance expectations. Fireplaces, stoves, inserts, power, efficiency, performance… Why not start at the beginning?

Why do you want auxiliary heating? To keep your family warm on a chilly day, celebrate with friends occasionally around a comforting flame, create a chic and relaxed atmosphere to accompany your romantic meals or simply save on your heating bill? No matter what the reason is, first you need to determine the type of user that you are. Forget the technical details and start by defining your values, your lifestyle.

What type of fire do you like? What is your tolerance to heat? It is important to keep in mind that the power of a unit is directly linked to the space you want to heat, and to the use you will make of it. Do you prefer the heat regularity of small fires or the important variations of more intense fires? Sensitive to cold or intolerant to intense heat? A stove, fireplace or insert is more efficient, economical, environmentally friendly and spectacular when it operates with a strong heat. It is therefore necessary not to fall into the trap ofa bigger device, and the inner voice that says: it’s much nicer! It is true that a large device will offer a spectacular fire, but it’s important to consider that it also produces a lot of heat. And it would be wrong to think that small devices do not offer beautiful flames. Finally, it is better to have a huge fire in a small device than a small fire in a large one. But heating capacity is not the only thing you should consider when choosing a unit. The location where you plan to install it is important since certain technical specifications or safety requirements may affect layout options, such as the minimum clearance required from combustible materials, access to install an outside air intake and the space required for a compliant installation.

So a stove, a fireplace or an insert? Apart from the dimensions, each of these types of units has very specific features.

The stove is a complete independent heater that does not require finishing material to complete its cladding, as is the case with the Stûv 16 and Stûv 30 lines. In addition, the Stûv 30-compact H can be equipped with a heat accumulator that gradually distributes it throughout the room for enhanced comfort.

If you are looking for a unit that blends into your decor, then a fireplace will be the ideal solution. The architectural integration capability of the Stûv 21, Stûv 16-Z and Stûv Gaz is perfect for this type of project. The Stûv 21-clad are fireplaces that do not require any finishing work. This is a perfect solution when you want to install a fireplace in an existing building!

An insert unit like the Stûv 16-in will fit perfectly into the cavity of an existing fireplace and convert it into a high-performance and safe unit. The unit lets you enjoy the beauty of the flames while adding a unique style to your décor.

All that remains is to determine if you prefer wood or gas heating.

Wood is perfect it to create a warm atmosphere. It is the joy of seeing the flame come into being and go out in front of your eyes! It is also the challenge and pride of successfully starting a beautiful fire. As for gas, it makes your life easier. It allows you to enjoy the fire’s beauty and constant warmth quickly and effortlessly.

In both cases, access to and management of the resource, in this case wood or gas, are factors to be considered. If you live in a condo or house, in the country, in the suburbs or downtown, you will need to think about the option that best suits your situation.

In short, before you decide on a stove, fireplace or insert, remember what role it will play in your home, the room in which it will be installed and whether you prefer a wood or gas stove.

All Stûv stoves and fireplaces offer in addition to optimal performance, a wide view of the fire. Several models also offer the open fire option that lets you enjoy the spectacle of flames. If you need someone to guide you in making the right choice, do not hesitate to seek the advice of a certified auxiliary heating professional. All Stûv authorized dealers have the necessary expertise to provide you with the information you need to make the perfect choice and find the Stûv unit you are looking for!

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