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The element of fire

At Stûv, we believe in the fascinating power of fire, which has us spending hours watching logs burn. Let yourself become inspired by our universe. Discover how our stoves and fireplaces can fit perfectly into your personal décor, and learn more about the fine art of fire control and how to care for a Stûv unit.

Tips and techniques

How to properly store your appliance?

Tips and techniques

Outdoor Air Intakes

Tips and techniques

How to Choose the Right Wood-Burning Appliance

Tips and techniques

Are BTUs really useful?

How do manufacturers determine the BTUs of a wood-burning device?

Tips and techniques


You’ve decided to buy a wood-burning stove or fireplace and since starting your search, you constantly see the mention “EPA-certified.” This standard is being talked about everywhere, especially in Montréal, but what exactly is an EPA-certified appliance? Read on for a simple explanation.

Tips and techniques

ABC’s of buying a stove or fireplace

Why not start at the beginning?

Tips and techniques

Clean the glass

5 easy and environmentally friendly steps to clean the glass of your wood burning appliance.

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