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The glass pane on your Stûv appliance can darken with use. But don’t worry, there are several ways to fix this issue:

  • Be sure to burn wood with a moisture content of less than 18 (measured in the middle of a freshly split seasoned piece of wood).
  • Only burn untreated wood. For the type of wood to use, see the Wood Selection section of the installation manual.
  • Use a fire starter to make your chimney heat up quickly and thus create an optimal draft.
  • Use the reverse (upside-down or top-down) fire lighting technique. This video shows you how: Reverse fire lighting technique.
  • Be sure to light big fires to generate sufficient heat to remove dust generated by combustion from the glass pane.
  • Add wood when the logs are producing only small, faint flames and are resting on a thick bed of coals.

If the problem persists, we invite you to contact one of our authorized dealers. Their certified experts can check the compliance of your installation and unit.

Use of your Stûv stove or fireplace will cause natural wear and tear. It is important to conduct regular maintenance to keep your appliance running efficiently. Our vast network of official Stûv dealers can help you get the parts you need, such as gaskets and vermiculite. Click on the following link to find a certified expert in your area.

Since Stûv does not offer installation services, we have built an extensive network of official Stûv dealers. These heating appliance experts will be able to guide you in your choice and their teams of certified installers can make your vision a reality. Find the Stûv dealer nearest you by consulting our Dealer locator section.

The best way to clean your glass pane is with cold ash. Readily available to all Stûv appliance owners, ash is a natural product that removes soot and grime without damaging your heating unit.

To clean the glass pane:

  • Dampen a paper towel with water and then pat it on the cooled ash at the bottom of your Stûv’s combustion chamber.
  • Clean the pane by making small circular motions over the entire surface of the glass.
  • Repeat as needed.
  • Rinse with clean, clear water.

Never use a scraper or chemicals to remove the soot as this could scratch the glass.

All technical information about Stûv stoves and fireplaces is available on our website.

If you would like a catalog, click on the “Get the catalog” button on the left side of the page and enter your information.

For a complete quote, including accessories, chimney components, installation, and transport fees, visit an official Stûv dealer: Dealer locator.

Note that prices may vary by region.

For clean and efficient combustion, it is important to use dry wood with a moisture content of less than 18%, measured at the centre of a freshly split seasoned piece of wood. Hardwood remains the best choice for optimal combustion. Softwood can be used on top, as kindling.

To choose dry wood, use a moisture meter or check that:

  • The wood is lightweight and slightly split;
  • It makes a crisp sound when you knock two pieces together (versus a dull sound);
  • The bark comes off easily;
  • The wood has cracks going from the middle toward the edge.

Using the wrong type of wood, or damp wood, will make your stove or fireplace less efficient. Also see our section on how to light a fire to maximize your Stûv’s performance.

You can buy a moisture meter in most big-box stores and hardware stores.

Avoid using composite/ecological fire logs. Made of a blend of compressed wood fibres, not only do they emit residues that can cause premature wear of your appliance, they will not produce a beautiful show of flames that hardwood will.

Watch our tutorial video on how to light a Stûv fire.

Fireplaces and inserts are heating units built into a wall or a masonry hearth.

Inserts are heating units that allow you to upgrade your masonry hearth. Discover the different Stûv wood-burning inserts:

Discover the different Stûv wood-burning fireplace inserts:

Wood-burning stoves are independent heating units that do not require a finishing material. Since they can be installed directly on the floor or on a podium, Stûv wood stoves are easy to add to your home.

Discover our different Stûv wood-burning stoves:

Stûv also makes freestanding fireplaces. The Stûv 21-clad model has a built-in convection system.

Discover Stûv’s freestanding wood-burning fireplace:

It is the only wood-burning unit in North America to have an exposed insulated chimney.

All Stûv wood stoves and fireplaces must be installed by a certified professional. In Quebec, they must be certified by the Association des Professionnels du Chauffage, in the rest of Canada by Wood Energy Technical Training and in the United States by the National Fireplace Institute.

All Stûv authorized dealers are members of an association recognized by the stove and fireplace industry. You can find an authorized dealer by clicking on the following link: Dealer locator.

https://stuvamerica.com/en/inspirations/tips-and-techniques/outdoor-air-intakes/To maximize the efficiency of your Stûv stove or fireplace and create maximum draft, it is important to use the reverse fire technique:

  • Make sure you have a nice bed of ash, as it will make it easier to light your next fires.
  • Place medium-sized logs in the combustion chamber to form a base.
  • Place kindling on top. Be sure to leave space between each log for air circulation.
  • Light the wood using a fire starter.
  • Leave the door open about an inch for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • You can close the door when the medium-sized logs have started turned black.

This technique is recommended because it heats up the combustion chamber and flue more quickly. This maximizes the draft of your chimney pipe. This practice also avoids cooling the combustion chamber, since no wood refill is required during the ignition period.

Note that a fire starter made with paraffin, or any other waxy substance can clog the air supply system. For clean combustion, we recommend using a fire starter made of recycled wood and fibres.

When you add wood, it is important to leave the door half-open for a couple minutes to give the fire enough oxygen to burn well. Use the Stûv glove for safe use of your Stûv appliance.

Be sure to check our tutorial on how to light a Stûv fire.

Although optional, Stûv recommends connecting an outside air kit to your wood-burning stove or fireplace.

This accessory provides a second source of oxygen to your appliance without taking air from inside your home. Contact our network of certified experts, who can assess your needs.

To learn more about what an outside air intake is and determine if you need one, read our article on the subject.

Stûv stoves and fireplaces don’t need an air damper to increase or decrease the supply of air that controls the burn rate. Our appliances have an autopilot system (Single Burn Rate) that offers the perfect balance between efficient combustion and a spectacular fire.

The air intake on our appliances is factory-configured to ensure that the volume of air sent to the combustion chamber is perfectly calibrated for maximum performance while releasing the least amount of fine particles into the atmosphere.

This autopilot also makes our appliances easy to use: simply light the fire and enjoy! If you want to increase the heat generated, just add wood to achieve the desired level of comfort.

Stûv stoves and fireplaces can be installed in three-season rooms provided that no weather elements, such as rain or snow, come into contact with the appliance.

Stûv stoves and fireplaces are designed for indoor installation. Installation in an exterior space that could expose the appliance to the elements, which can cause rust or premature wear, will void the Stûv warranty.

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