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There are several possible reasons. Here are some solutions:

  • Be sure to use wood that has a moisture content of less than 20% after being cut and dried.
  • Only burn untreated wood. For the type of wood to use, see the Wood Selection section of your installation manual.
  • Use a fire starter to make sure your chimney heats up quickly and creates an optimal draft.
  • Use the upside-down fire lighting technique. This video shows you how: Upside-down fire lighting technique
  • Confirm (with your installer if needed) that your chimney is at least 15’ high.
  • Be sure to light bigger, very hot fires so the air washes over the glass pane and removes the dust generated by combustion.
  • Add wood when the logs are producing only small, faint flames and are resting on a thick bed of coals.

If the problem persists, you can contact our technical support team at info@stuvamerica.com.

Use of your Stûv stove or fireplace will cause natural wear and tear, which is why it is important to conduct regular maintenance. This maintenance is important to preserve the efficiency of your Stûv stove or fireplace.

To purchase replacement parts, please visit one of our official Stûv dealers. Thanks to their expertise, they will be able to guide you in your purchase of replacement parts.

Since Stûv stoves and fireplaces must be installed by a qualified and certified professional, they can only be purchased from an official Stûv dealer. To find the Stûv dealer nearest you, consult our dealer locator section.

All our partners are members of an association recognized by the stove and fireplace industry.

Dampen a paper towel with water and then pat it on the cold ash at the bottom of your Stûv’s combustion chamber. The ash will help scrub off any soot and grime.

Clean the pane by making small circular motions over the entire surface of the glass. Repeat as needed. Then rinse with clean, clear water.

Never use a scraper or chemicals to remove the soot as this could scratch the glass.

All technical information about Stûv stoves and fireplaces is available on our website.

To get a free catalog as well as a price list of the different Stûv stoves and fireplaces, click on the “Get the catalog” button on the left side of the page and fill out the short form.

To get a complete quote, including accessories, chimney components, installation and transport fees, please visit an official Stûv dealer: Dealer locator.

Sorry, it seems that your research did not lead to any results. Please contact our technical team at info@stuvamerica.com.

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