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Stûv Signature

Designed in Belgium, adapted for America.

Founded in 1983 in Europe, Stûv designs and manufactures wood and pellet stoves and fireplaces. Since 2007, Stûv appliances have been adapted and certified in Canada to meet the heating standards and requirements of the North American market, in addition to meeting your performance and aesthetic needs.

Why choose Stûv?

Lasting value

A contemporary vision at the service of performance

Since its creation, Stûv has offered you an unparalleled contemporary vision of auxiliary heating. A minimalist design without compromising on quality and efficiency makes the Stûv signature a guarantee of performance and beauty.

The pleasure of use

Innovations that meet your needs

Stûv pays particular attention to the functional aspects of its stoves and fireplaces whether they burn wood or pellets. From the craftsman who manufactures them to the specialist who installs them, each Stûv model is designed to simplify and make the experience pleasant for each of the actors who interact with the unit.

Respect for the environment

Eco-Friendly auxiliary heating

Stûv looks for solutions to the ecological challenge of auxiliary heating and constantly invests in research and development to improve the combustion principles of its appliances, whether they are wood or pellet stoves or fireplaces.

Innovation at Stûv

The quality and aesthetic beauty of Stûv units have been recognized by several awards.

  • Interior Courtrai Award 1982 for the Stûv 60
  • Batimat Design Award 2003, Paris
  • Company of the year 2006, Ernst & Young
  • Gazelle namuroise de Trends-Tendance Award 2008 et 2010
  • Vesta Award 2015, Wood Product for the Stûv 30-compact H
  • Red Dot Design Award 2016, Product Design for the Stûv P10
  • Hearth & Home UK 2019 Award, Wood Log and Multi Fuel Appliance up to 5 kW rated output for the Stûv 6

A balance between aesthetics and quality

Beautiful, good and true

Beautiful – Although we are opposed to the idea that the functional qualities of a unit can be sacrificed to aesthetics, the beauty of a Stûv stove or fireplace is a fundamental characteristic of our activity, their performance being intrinsic.

Good – We are not satisfied with the idea of developing a unit for the sole purpose of generating profit. Our prosperity comes from our ability to create stoves and fireplaces that contribute to your highest satisfaction.


True – When a new unit is created, it is always the result of a real and unmet need. We are guided by a concern for honesty that drives us to use the best of our abilities to always innovate for your comfort and well-being.

Our partners

Stûv is constantly looking for companies that want to follow a different path, and dare to do so.

Luminaire Authentik

Luminaire Authentik is a source of creativity, design and functionality. All their products are designed and manufactured in Quebec. Precision and attention to detail are at the heart of their expertise. Stûv America is proud to count this company among its partners and to display unique style lighting.

Association des professionnels du chauffage (APC)

Stûv America is proud to be a member of the Association des professionnels du chauffage, which represents the auxiliary heating industry in Québec.

Bonneville Homes

Since April 2013, Stûv America has been offering Bonneville Homes customers privileged access to the Stûv range of stoves and fireplaces.

Dômes Charlevoix

Dômes Charlevoix is a new four-season tourist accommodation concept that offers a comfortable experience in the heart of nature. Built on a mountainside, the domes offer great privacy and an impressive view of the river and its surroundings. Stûv 30-compact ONE units are installed inside the Domes for the visitors' enjoyment.


Eco-Logic is a firewood supplier of choice. It offers a wide variety of logs and pellets for all types of appliances. The company, located in Bromont, provides excellent customer service. Stûv America is proud to be associated with a local company which, like ours, offers products of high-quality standards.

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