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Combining the pleasure of a fire, timeless design and efficient heating

Stûv was born in 1983, when two men, Gérard Pitance (a professional designer) and Benoît Lafontaine, joined forces to develop and produce a distinct wood stove – the Stûv 60 – designed by Gérard Pitance. In the beginning, the company simply designed the units. Their capital was creativity and motivation! Gradually, the company began specializing in wood heating, which allowed Stûv to grow exponentially.

“ Innovation is a complex process that involves, to varying degrees, all the business lines of a company. The formal coherence of the product, for which the designer is the guarantor, is a reflection of the team's cohesion. ”

Gérard Pitance - Industrial designer and founder

Setting foot in North America’s market

In 2006, Vincent Boudreau went to Bois-de-Villers in Belgium to meet Stûv. He fell in love with Stûv fireplaces and stoves, whose ingenuity and refined design were missing from the North-Eastern American market. After seven years of marketing its stoves and fireplaces, Stûv decided to strengthen the brand’s presence in America. Significant efforts were then made, among other things, to expand the range (23 certified Stûv stoves and fireplaces were available in September 2014). In 2016, Vincent Boudreau and Stûv teamed up to create Stûv America and marked the occasion by setting up a manufacturing plant in Québec, in order to become an important player in the stove and fireplace industry in America. Today, Stûv America boasts more than 35 revolutionary and ecological units, adapted for America. It is a company made up of passionate people. A young and dynamic team supported by a parent company with over 35 years of experience. Stûv America dreams big. The adventure on this side of the Atlantic has only just begun and Stûv stoves and fireplaces are only at the beginning of their success.
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