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Why choose a Stûv fireplace?

To see only fire

Belgian in design, these appliances offer performance and efficiency in addition to a wide range of installation possibilities.

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To see only fire
To see only fire

The current context has led many of us to invest more in our living space. Spending months confined indoors has changed how we see our homes and considerably deepened our desire for softness and inspiration. This crisis is motivating us to turn our living environment into a space where comfort, safety and well-being are a priority.

Stûv stoves and fireplaces are designed to meet these now-essential criteria. Belgian in design, these appliances offer performance and efficiency in addition to a wide range of installation possibilities. From the family room to the living room and from the condo to the cottage, there is a Stûv for every lifestyle and every home. Find out more about them!

Simplicity and experience prioritized
All Stûvs have a refined design that showcases the dancing flames as well as a wide opening for abundant heat distribution.

Their various features are hidden for an enhanced experience. For example, Stûv 16 wood stoves and inserts do not have any handles or convection grids. A removable handle is used to open the door. The heat is returned to the room via a simple space between the combustion chamber and the casing around it.

Stûv 21 wood-burning fireplaces have no frame at the bottom of the guillotine window so as not to obstruct the view of the fire. The door mechanism, insulation box and convection kit used to heat your space are also hidden.

Made with only high-quality materials, Stûv stoves and fireplaces are built to last. From the welded combustion chamber to the precision assembly, every detail ensures their long useful life.

Balance between enjoyment and performance
Stûv’s combustion technology optimizes its appliances’ performance while eliminating their environmental impact.

Stûv 30 are EPA-certified wood stoves that offer the possibility of slow combustion as well as a multitude of features: open or closed fire, heating better adapted to today’s needs, generous view of the fire, heat accumulator, 360° rotation and even year-round BBQing.

In fact, Stûv wood stoves and fireplaces are certified to meet the environmental standards set by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which requires a fine particle rate of less than 2 grams per hour.

To learn more about the standards governing fine particulate emissions, consult the simplified version of the EPA article.

Functional design and aesthetics
Stûv stoves and fireplaces have a host of practical elements that ensure their smooth operation all while making them a beautiful addition to any home. The Stûv 21-clad fireplaces and inserts are a perfect example of this.

This model is equipped with a steel casing to make it easy to install, quickly integrate into a room and showcase the fireplace. It has been designed differently. It doesn’t need to be built into a wall and doesn’t require any special finishing since it is freestanding!

Beyond the design, careful thought has been put into Stûv appliances to make your daily life easier. Several mechanisms make daily cleaning and future maintenance quick and easy.

Think globally, act locally
At Stûv, we firmly believe that a product’s warranty begins well before its acquisition.

That’s why we invest heavily in research and development, prioritize innovation, respect environmental standards and encourage global thinking while taking local action. We’re committed to sourcing only quality raw materials, selecting the best local suppliers, working with expert partners and offering available and efficient customer and after-sales service. That is the Stûv commitment!

To find out more about the Stûv warranty, visit the Warranty and Product Registration page.

All Stûv appliance owners agree that you only have to experience Stûv products once to be convinced that they offer an exceptional experience. Let yourself be charmed by the many possibilities Stûv offers by consulting our recent catalogue.

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