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Sillery, Québec

Oak Residence

2017 winner, Les mérites d'architecture de la ville de Québec award, “Residence/New Build, Low Density” category

Étienne Bernier Architecture inc.

Photos: Dave Tremblay

Oak Residence
Oak Residence

Étienne Bernier Architecture (EBA) – QUÉBEC

The vision
For our team, this architectural project was much more than simply designing a building, it was creating a living environment. From this particular perspective, we wanted to give meaning to the architecture, from the general layout to the smallest details, to create an inviting setting for all its users, in harmony with its environment. We create distinctive, signature projects that make people the focus.

Oak Residence
This single-family residence on Oak Street in Québec City brings a breath of fresh air to the Sillery district’s landscape. The challenge was to figure out how to integrate the modern design with clean lines into the existing residential context, with its established greenery. The L-shaped block plan conveys a modernity that fits easily into the neighbourhood and complements its charm. As the residence is located in a setting with abundant vegetation, the team opted for a delicate design. To echo the subtleties of natural materials, stained natural wood, dark bricks and steel were chosen for the cladding.

Discreet and private in the front, the residence opens up in the back with big windows overlooking the yard and a large terrace. The back is all glass, bathing the living areas on the ground floor in natural light. Sober and minimalistic, the front façade was created by nesting the house’s volume with the garage and entrance. To maintain the elegant sobriety, the garage is hidden on the side of the residence, encased in black brick. It extends to the front and includes the main entrance door.

The minimalism of the front façade’s composition showcases the quality of the materials and the shadows cast by the vegetation, while offering a more complex volumetry at the back with a play of levels and a cantilevered awning that covers the outdoor terrace. Inside, the residence is adapted to the clients’ family life: comfortable, practical and contemporary.

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