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Armcrescent Residence

“Pushing the boundaries of a residential home in the West End of Halifax, the Armcrescent Residence borrows the form of the surrounding Georgian houses, but excudes the refinement of an elevated contemporary home.

Designed for clients and their five children, the residence is large in presence, available storage space, and offers many areas for familial congregation immersed in natural light. Featuring state of the art geothermal heating and cooling, the home aims to rely on and support renewable energy sources. Externally, the form alludes to the timely neighbouring precedents whereas the cladding takes a modern approach. Through refined material palette and the clever allocation of cladding, the building appears as if it were wrapped in one material and the portions that are carved away from it reveal another. This distinction of materials is translated into the interior where the custom crafted millwork pieces reflect the same modern colour palette and material treatment.”

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