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Résidence St-Lazare

Les Coupables: Atelier de design – QUEBEC, CANADA


Nestled in the charming town of Saint-Lazare is a home that is much more than just a place to live; it’s a dream come true for its new owners. Designed for a family looking to put down roots in a welcoming environment, this architectural masterpiece takes its inspiration from the English countryside to offer a haven of peace and tradition.

The owners, a couple with two young daughters, dreamed of a house that would be more than just a place to live: a family home designed to span generations. Their vision was clear: to create a home in the image of a British Farm House, blending rustic charm with timeless elegance. They wanted to infuse this new build with a deep soul, as if the walls had already witnessed precious moments and every nook and cranny revealed stories from the past.

Our design team’s mission was to give shape to this vision by creating a home with a welcoming, caring atmosphere. The strategic use of different shades of wood, stone and natural tones was fundamental to this project, offering each room a unique, soft and serene atmosphere.

The relationship with the exterior is also essential. Generous openings integrate the outside perfectly with the inside, allowing natural light to bathe the rooms and offering breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

In this English Country-style home, every stone, beam and color tells a story of love, family and shared dreams. It’s an invitation to discover how, with talent, vision and heart, a new house can, from day one, be adorned with an old, welcoming soul.

Model : Stûv 16-58 H 

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