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Cabin 151

It has been completely transformed and decorated by interior designer Caroline Bouffard. She poured her heart and soul into creating bright, modern-looking spaces while preserving the rustic features that give the cottage its cozy atmosphere. The overall look is minimalistic, with shades of black and white to draw the eye to the beauty of the forest and lake.

The beautifully renovated kitchen is well-equipped and is open to the living room, which features tall windows and a fireplace nook. These rooms make a perfect gathering place.

Nestled in a peaceful setting, CABIN 151 offers relaxation and an opportunity to enjoy several outdoor activities. The challenge in transforming this waterfront cottage was maintaining the strong pull to simply spend time with loved ones in a tranquil environment while also encouraging visitors to venture out and enjoy the tourist attractions in the Eastern Townships.

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Woodburning fans love the comforting feeling that their fireplace or stove provides. In the spirit of the season, we’ve unearthed for you some great gift ideas made right here in Quebec.

You’ll even find inspiration for those who don’t have a wood-burning unit, but love the atmosphere it gives off!



Bring tradition

Bring tradition back to the children’s bedroom with Ora, which recreates the warm atmosphere of a wood-burning stove.


Let’s get wrapped in softness

Wrap up in a large, quality blanket in front of a fire in the middle of a winter day … happiness! This eco-friendly everyday blanket is the perfect gift for those who are more sensitive to the cold. Available at Mini Tipi.


Give a Moment of Respite

A hand-crafted mug that can be used for a good hot drink in the morning in front of a crackling fire. A must for the cold season. Available at Atelier Trema.


Give the Word Well-Being its Full Meaning

Putting on comfortable slippers and having a good time around a fire is the definition of well-being. Made in Quebec from genuine sheepskin, they will keep your little ones warm. Available at Simons.

Create Magical Memories

Like fire, the board game is a central unifying element around which we get together. Made by Atelier-D, these games will allow you to meet up with loved ones and create, without a doubt, a ton of memorable moments! Available at Atelier-D.



Carry logs with style

This sturdy bag makes carrying logs over the shoulder easier and without getting dirty. A perfectly suited gift for wood fire lovers. It is handcrafted with a heavy duty waxed canvas. Available at The Robinson Company.


Storing Wood Effortlessly

Hinter company | Photo Guillaume St-Amand

This mobile log rack designed by Stûv offers a modern look and makes the fireplace space more functional. It is practical and it fits in any decor! Available at authorized Stûv retailers.

Keep the Flame Alive

These tools forged by hand by the Quebec artist Thomas Lefebvre are the perfect combination of design and functionality. They become an element of the decor while ensuring an optimal fireplace experience.



Get Away for a Weekend

Hinter company | Photo @nineteenphoto

A stay in a cabin or house fitted out by Hinter Company allows you to reconnect with nature. Treat yourself or a loved one for a weekend with a Stûv 30-compact.

Offer Comfort in the Heart of Nature

Dômes de Charlevoix | Photo @JeanneMap

The Dômes de Charlevoix offer an experience that combines nature and comfort. Each dome has a breathtaking view of the St. Lawrence River and the surrounding area. This is an ideal option for glamping enthusiasts since there is a variety of attractions including a Stûv 30-compact.


All of these ideas are sure to appeal to any wood-burning enthusiast and create a sense of tranquility during beautiful winter days. You just have to choose which of these gifts will make your fan happy!

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